System Requirements:
An Internet Browser
Adobe Reader (Necessary to view files posted in .PDF format) and/or MS-Word (Necessary to view files posted in .DOC format)
Java Runtime (Necessary to upload your files for posting)

These are free programs and normally already loaded in your system. We suggest you proceed with ordering your subscription. If by some chance you do not have either of these programs, the system will prompt you to download them later.

How CEQApost Works:
You subscribe to our service. We provide you with a link that you in turn make available to the public by posting the link on your agency's Web site. People interested in viewing your agency's environmental documents click on the link, at which time they are directed to our Web server where they can view your documents on what we call your "Mini Web Site". There they will find and view your posted documents.

If you have any questions, please contact our professional staff by e-mail at
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